Front Load Trucks

Atlantic Sales & Salvage is a trusted distributor of a wide array of garbage trucks, including these front loading trucks. Any reconditioning or upholstering that needs to be done is completed before the sale. Though we are located in East Brunswick, New Jersey, we deal with businesses across the country, as well as internationally.

Exporter and Wholesaler of Front Loaders

Atlantic Sales & Salvage is a trusted dealer and distributor of quality front loading garbage trucks. We have increased our business over the years by exporting more. Though we are located in New Jersey and are well established in the states, 50% of our total sales volume is through exporting. We have the ability to wholesale these vehicles, as we purchase 300-400 trucks per year and are constantly looking for new markets to sell and distribute too. If you have any questions or concerns about of line of front loaders, please contact us today. The number to call is (732) 390-0657. One of our friendly staff members will answer your call and help you with whatever you may need. We have years of experience dealing with these vehicles and can easily assist you with any issues you may have about them.

Front Load Trucks


Unit in picture above is only a representation of a front load garbage truck. It is not available for purchase.

Great Selection of Front Loading Garbage Trucks

Atlantic Sales & Salvage has a great selection of front loading garbage trucks. All of our used trucks are inspected and refurbished before being placed back on the market. Check out our selection of trucks we have in stock on our site below. If you have any questions about the trucks listed, please give us a call at (732) 390-0657. We will answer any questions you may have about our front loaders, as well as any other trucks or equipment you see on our site.