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Atlantic Sales & Salvage is a trusted supplier of a wide range of truck parts, which serve as a great accompaniment to the trucks and vehicles we provide on our site as well. We refurbish all the truck parts we supply to ensure that when you get them they are fully functional. It is important for use that our used truck parts have a lifespan that is similar to ones as if you purchased them brand new out of the box. Please give us a call at 732-390-0657 to receive a quote on any of the products you find on our site. Though we are located in East Brunswick, New Jersey and ship to customers in the United States, we pride ourselves on being a trusted international dealer of all the truck parts in stock. 

Variety of Trucks

With Different Types Of Trucks Come Different Truck Parts

We pride ourselves on supplying a wide variety of truck parts for our customers. This is because there are different types of trucks for different types of jobs. Different trucks can be used for different tasks, so by providing you with options, we hope you find the truck that is perfect for your task or industry. We have a great selection of trucks and tractors in order to ensure that you get the best vehicle possible for your task at hand. Our selection of used and refurbished trucks includes:

  • Rear Load Trucks
  • Front Load Trucks
  • Roll Off Trucks
  • Flat Bed Trucks
  • Service Trucks

By providing you with appropriate options, we hope you find the vehicle that suits your needs. On top of that, we have great used truck parts to go along with these vehicles. In the case you need repairs or improvements, the parts we carry can give your truck or tractor the longevity you deserve. We provide all of our parts for various trucks at affordable pricing and even provide you with quotes to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

Trusted Used Truck Parts Supplier

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Atlantic Sales & Salvage is located in East Brunswick, New Jersey. We are a certified dealer of Marathon equipment and other various truck parts. Though located on the east coast, we are a nationwide and international supplier of all the parts and equipment we offer. If you are interested in any of our parts or vehicles, please contact us today. The number to call is 732-390-0657. We have years of experience in the field and can help answer any questions or concerns you may have about the trucks and different truck parts we offer. Get in touch with us and inquire about a free quote for any of the truck parts we have in stock.