Harmony 6030HD

Harmony 6030HD

$7,000 (USD)

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Showcasing our Harmony 6030HD Vertical Baler Machines, we have 3 in stock! These are heavy duty constructed units. They are reinforced frames, 15hp motors, 8in piston, large valve and pumps, and injection system. It has a 480/3 phase electric. The others we have are made lighter gauge steel, 5hp efficiency motors, smaller valves and pumps. We have 15 of these units with manufacturing dates from 2012-2019.

PRICING: the units with 8in cylinders are $7,000 each, the other units are $6,000 each.

We have Selco units, Marathons, PTR & Wastequip! We have 60+ self-contained compactors, 40 stationary machines and 10 receiver boxes.