35yd Marathon SC 250 Customized Self-Contained Compactor

35yd Marathon SC 250 Customized Self-Contained Compactor

$20,000 (USD)

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*PLACED BY ORDER* This is a specialized unit, made for a previous customer. This style can be crafted in about 3-4 weeks upon order.

Self-Contained Compactor Completely Rebuilt and Refurbished, double walled, ram pulled out, new shoes, new tracks, piston repacked, new pins and pinholes rebushed, floor of ram refloored, belly refloored completely, 18" up the side, walls replated, hopper gasket replaced, all new quick disconnects, included rebuilt and refurbished power packs and controls, all new buttons, rewired and new PLC. Includes Paint job.

Customized with Hopper Corral around the mouth of the unit, 42" high x 69" wide made out of steel, extra steel for heavy gauge.

*Pendant Station and Guide Rails + Stoppers are additional charges*