Rear Loader Garbage Trucks

When the term rear loader is used in terms of garbage trucks, it simply means that the garbage is loaded into the rear of the vehicle. Atlantic Sales & Salvage has a wide selection of used sanitation vehicles and equipment, including many great rear loader garbage trucks. We are headquartered in East Brunswick, New Jersey. However, we are a nationwide and international distributor of all that we offer. For more information about our supply of garbage trucks, please contact us today. When you reach out, you can request a free quote. The number for our office is 732-390-0657. 

Atlantic Sales & Salvage is well established across the United States. However, 50% of our total sales volume is through exporting. And we export around the globe. We buy 300-400 trucks each year and are constantly looking for new markets around the world to sell and export our garbage trucks. Since we have such an expansive market, we are able to sell these vehicles at more affordable rates. Each rear loader garbage truck we sell is fully refurbished. So it is certified for safe use.

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Atlantic Sales & Salvage has years of experience in the sanitation industry. And we are a certified dealer of Marathon Equipment. We import and export our rear loader garbage trucks to clients across the Unites States, as well as throughout the world. Many in the sanitation industry trust us with their vehicles.

For more information about any of the used garbage trucks in our inventory, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have about our selection of trucks and equipment. The number for our office is 732-390-0657 today. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote for the rear loader garbage truck of your choosing. Our inventory is constantly changing. So please, check out our website and see what we have available! Also, take a look at our Facebook page. We update these platforms as fast as we can when we receive new trucks and equipment, but we aren’t perfect! Calling us to discuss what exactly we have is the most surefire way to get what you need!