Used Trash Compactors For Sale

Atlantic Sales and Salvage has years of experience buying and selling used trash compactors. These compactors are very popular in the retail and service industries. This is because they have large amounts of garbage, much of which is non-recyclable, and needs to be thrown out. Compacting the waste materials saves space on the premises and greatly decreases the space needed in landfills. So a win all around. It also offers many wonderful benefits to those that go this route. Check out our full selection of compactors we have for sale.

Benefits of Using a Trash Compactor

When you utilize the full capacities of a trash compactor, you reap those benefits fully. Here is a long list of the benefits:

  • saves work labor
  • lowers collection and pickup costs since pickups are not as frequent
  • reduces rodent and insect issues
  • improves storage space
  • fewer cleanup problems, since trash is sealed in a container
  • prevents trash from blowing away
  • lowers risk of fires and vandalism
  • better odor control
  • improves liquid retention, which lowers messiness due to liquid refuse
  • increases outside parking space
  • prevents unauthorized access to your trash

Commercial Trash Compactors

As mentioned, many who turn to used trash compactors are commercial establishments. When commercial places, like service and retail industries, use these compactors, there are three popular types:

  • ground-access
  • walk-on
  • secure indoor chute

Each of these compactors are constructed from welded steel, which offers lasting durability under nearly all pressures and exposures to environmental hazards when installed outdoors. So it is a great way for these businesses to save money and time on their garbage. Less pickups are necessary when you compact, so you save money on that. And less time is needed since the compactors are a more efficient way of handling your waste.

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Atlantic Sales and Salvage is proud to have a great selection of used trash compactors. These compactors are perfect for all sorts of commercial businesses and offer many wonderful benefits to them. Among our selection of different compactors are cardboard compactors and self-contained compactors. Get the one that works best for your business and your needs. The number for our office is 732-390-0657. When you call, we can discuss the various price points with you and help you decide on the best make and model for your business. We also offer help with financing if that is a route you wish to go.